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Jump Start Your Q4 Prep
July 19 - July 23, 2021
Christmas in July Challenge

This challenge will give you everything you need to know to have the best Q4 yet. Stop wondering what books you should create for the holiday season and get started planning for a profitable Q4. 
Stop wishing for a profitable Q4 and start planning for one!
Challenge Includes

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Daily videos teaching you everything you need to know to have a profitable Q4

List with hundreds of holiday keywords

Option to purchase Aududu Lifetime Pro-Membership at the end of the challenge

Challenge Schedule
Day 1: Overview and Important Dates

Today you will learn why it is so important to prepare for Q4.  You'll get a list of important dates, including the most important day of the year for your business.  You'll also learn what books sell well during the holiday season and qualities to look for to determine whether or not a particular niche can be a  profitable one so you don't waste your time creating books no one is going to buy.

Day 2: Profitable Niches

Today we will go over the main niches to target for holiday shoppers.  You will learn how to research a niche to find your target audience and determine what they would want in a book.  You will find out how to determine what books are currently available in that niche and how to determine what it is an isn't selling. You'll also learn productivity tips to help you optimize your time and create more high quality books.

Day 3: Holiday Books To Create

Today you will learn all about creating holiday themed books and get a list of the main holiday types of holiday themed books to create.  We will go through the seven main Q4 holidays and give you a list of the types of books to make for each one of them.  You will also get a list of publish by dates to target for each holiday. 

Day 4: Profitable Planners

Today you will learn all about creating profitable planners. Planners are huge sellers in Q4, so you'll want to add them to your list of books to create for Q4. You will learn all the steps involved in creating a planner and how to niche down so your planners will get found and bought.

Day 5: Holiday Marketing

Today you will learn how to conduct marketing for your books in Q4.  You will learn techniques to not only promote your books, but to grow your brand during the holiday season.  You will receive a marketing calendar with the best dates to have your ads up and running by.  You'll also learn how to run ads on Amazon to maximize your book sales.

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